About Us

At old age the stone man tried to make the things beautiful expressing his feelings towards the nature and making the things better & beautiful.
Afterward the man still making such things and also he tried to cover the old works from the nature by maintaining it, spending a lot just to keep the things which made by parents as holly buildings because it become their civilization, and keeping it usable for ever as a new building trying to save a lot if rebuild a new one.

From this point of view , has been established QAF GENERAL TRADING QAF New Logo in Dubai with three main sections to build such civilizations and maintain it with other buildings using the most modern equipment and newest technologies in the region .

QAF New Logo, which located in the center of Dubai, is one of the most an important company in this field which is proved through it is conducting in the market with consultant and contractors in UAE.

QAF New Logo has the head office in Dubai opposite to Hamerain Shopping Center, also has a factory of cement & gypsum products, steel work shop, painting rooms and carpentry on an area of 40,000 Square Feet which allow it to prepare and manufacture a big and huge size and quantities required for the works. QAF New Logo also has the experts whom have the wide experience in this field.

Also QAF New Logo has factory office and Labor camp.


1- Accuracy

QAF GENERAL TRADING (TE) Specialized in working accuracy and following the exact information and requirements to do the jobs with other contractors cooperates together to complete the jobs as exact as required.

2- Fast

This is the most characteristics which specializing TE and differentiate it from others which is the speed doing the required works without any delay temporize keeping the accuracy.

3- Time

The Most important thing in the work is the time, TE with its stuff are respecting the Time completing the job at the exact time as required or before.

4- To be any time

Yes TE is any where & time Just call they will be ready to do whatever it required to do, either conversation solving the problems, new job, or completing and submitting the job